YEOMAN POLAND Sp. z o.o. distributes aggregate coming from the quarries that belong to the AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES Group. Aggregate is delivered to various depots located in the ports of Central and Western Europe, using our own ships.

Self-discharging vessels owned by AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES  are:

MV YEOMAN BONTRUP - cargo carrying capacity of 97,000 tonnes

MV YEOMAN BRIDGE - cargo carrying capacity of 97,000 tonnes

MV YEOMAN BROOK - cargo carrying capacity of 77,000 tonnes

MV YEOMAN BANK - cargo carrying capacity of 36,000 tonnes

These ships deliver 7 million tonnes of aggregate, quarried in the quarries in Scotland and Norway, to port depots a year.

Self-discharging vessels unload aggregate at the speed of 4,500 tonnes/hour, using their own discharging equipment, based on a gravity feed conveyor system.

When in the depot, aggregate is loaded into rail cars, barges and trains, and delivered to the construction sites of our customers, located within Poland.